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Encyclopedia of Business & Finance 2 VOL SET
Encyclopedia of Business & Finance 2 VOL SET
Date: 21 April 2011, 11:12

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This encyclopedia is designed to "summarize the body of knowledge that we know as business in one place and in language appropriate to the layperson." The 315 articles cover the major functional areas of business: accounting, economics, finance, information systems, law, management, and marketing. Special emphasis is given to the topics of careers and business ethics. While some articles emphasize the historical development of a topic, others focus on current business activity and conditions. The second edition contains more than 30 new articles, most of them related to technology, new areas of business knowledge, international topics, and new organizations and legislation.
Entries are arranged alphabetically and tend to be 500 to 1,500 words in length. A small number of black-and-white photos, charts, and graphs is included. Each entry is accompanied by a 5- to 10-item bibliography of books and, occasionally, Web sites. A few see and see also references are provided. All the articles are signed, and most of the authors are associated with universities. However, some of the names in the contributors list are unaccompanied by any credentials or organizational affiliation.
The entries range widely in scope and cover topics such as Behavioral science movement, Discount stores, Electronic commerce, Information processing, Money supply, Public relations, and Taxation. The Behavioral science movement article is a good example of what this source has to offer. It begins by providing some context, then traces the development of the movement from Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915), to the Hawthorne studies of the early twentieth century, to the more recent work of Abraham Maslow, Douglas McGregor, and others.


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