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  of June 2011, Monday
Mix Smart: Pro Audio Tips For Your Multitrack Mix

ISBN/ASIN: 0240814851
Total size: 9.2 MB

  of June 2011, Sunday
It All Begins with the Music: Developing Successful Artists for the New Music Business
  of June 2011, Friday
Music Perception (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research)

ISBN/ASIN: 1441961135
Total size: 3.3 MB

  of June 2011, Monday
Word and Music Studies: Essays on Music and the Spoken Word and on Surveying the Fields (Word and Music Studies 7) (v. 17)
  of June 2011, Monday
Mozart: The 'Haydn' Quartets (Cambridge Music Handbooks)

ISBN/ASIN: 0521584752
Total size: 1.03 MB

  of June 2011, Monday
The Beat: Go-Go Music from Washington, D.C.

ISBN/ASIN: 1604732415
Total size: 29.9 MB

  of June 2011, Saturday

ISBN/ASIN: 0195172019
Total size: 1.8 MB

  of June 2011, Saturday
Icons of R&B and Soul [Two Volumes] [2 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of the Artists Who Revolutionized Rhythm (Greenwood Icons)
  of June 2011, Thursday
Hits and Misses: Crafting Top 40 Singles, 1963-1971

ISBN/ASIN: 0826432166
Total size: 2.34 MB

  of June 2011, Thursday
Goldmine Standard Catalog Of American Records, 1950-1975

ISBN/ASIN: 0896896609
Total size: 52 MB

  of June 2011, Wednesday
Desktop Audio Technology: Digital audio and MIDI principles (Music Technology)
  of June 2011, Monday
Bruckner: Symphony No. 8

ISBN/ASIN: 0521632269
Total size: 1 MB


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