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Retro Game Programming
Retro Game Programming
Date: 21 April 2011, 11:35

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"Retro Game Programming" is the gateway to the inner sanctums of game programming, past and present. It is designed to make retro game programming easy for anyone to learn. The staggering advances from the arcade games of yesterday to today’s realistic computer games may seem daunting. When you conquer the underlying principles of retro game programming, however, you are on your way to understanding the complexities of modern game programming-by mastering the past, you are more likely to understand the present. The machines studied in this book are a part of a great legacy that began the journey leading us to the mind-blowing capabilities of today's computers. By studying the programming concepts used to create these classic games you will develop solid programming techniques that you can apply to more modern machines and software. What better way to accomplish that task than to start at the beginning-with the games that launched the video game craze!


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