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Bride of New France
Bride of New France
Date: 23 June 2011, 01:57

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Laure Beausejour grew up in a state-run dormitory in Paris in the 1600s where she dreams of becoming a seamstress. In 1669 she is sent to Canada as a filles du roi, and is expected to marry a French soldier. How will she cope with this complete change in plans?
I found this story to be a very interesting look into history. You always hear about the people who came to Canada to find a new life, but they always come by choice. This is a rare look into the life of a woman pioneer who did not choose to make the journey, but was forced into it.
The mood of the book was very somber. Laure is not a happy woman. Her whole like seem melancholy, and I was left feeling unhappy after reading.
I felt there was a lot of emphasis on Laure's life in Paris before the journey, and not as much told about her life in Canada as I expected. It was still a good chance to view a bit of history from a different viewpoint.


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