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Holy Shit!
Holy Shit!
Date: 23 June 2011, 01:55

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Product Description
A miraculous machine has been invented that allows experience to be recorded. Unfortunately, its owner—VTV (Violence Television Inc.) plans to use the product to record and broadcast pain, suffering and death. Harvey Futterman, the machine’s inventor, suspects that the machine may also help induce enlightenment, and to set things right he endeavors to steal back the machine with the help of a motley new-age terrorist organization.
At about the same time, the world's major prophets make their long-awaited return. Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, and Zarathustra all show up at a New Years Day Parade to introduce themselves and declare Judgment Day. But after narrowly escaping an angry crowd of disbelievers the bewildered prophets are forced to rethink their strategy. To execute Armageddon in a more “with-it” fashion, they hire the CEO of Violence Television himself. And so it will surely be an event of apocalyptic proportions.
Ultimately, Judgment Day is presented as a TV game show in which contestants must prove that human culture has improved over the last 2000 years. However, as the show develops, grave errors take place and some very dubious players are chosen to represent humanity. Among them: a deaf blues musician, a demented teenage burnout, a schizophrenic superhero, and the very devil himself.


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