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Colder Than Blood
Colder Than Blood
Date: 21 April 2011, 11:16

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An action-packed mystery thriller set in modern day Melbourne. When a young woman dives into his car pleading for help, unemployed slacker Jack Marsh is propelled into a desperate high-speed chase. But Jack fails to protect the strange girl and she is soon captured by her dark pursuer and brutally murdered. Vowing to track down her killer as an amateur detective to redeem himself, Jack's hunt leads him deep into a grimy Melbourne underworld of vicious pool hall thugs, psychotic drug dealers, and the shadowy hand of a sinister religious cult. But when another horrific death changes everything, hunter Jack suddenly becomes the hunted himself. With his enemies tightening their net around him, and his own inner demons from the past threatening to destroy his resolve, Jack will need all of his wits – as well as his brown belt karate skills – to escape with his life...


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