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Color Atlas of Common Oral Diseases
Color Atlas of Common Oral Diseases
Date: 21 April 2011, 11:31

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This text provides high quality colour photographs of common oral diseases. The illustrations are arranged according to their important clinical characteristics. Coverage is broadly based. Each full page colour plate consists of eight illustrations of disorders closely related by appearance or aetiology, for comparison and differentiation. On the pages opposite to the clinical photographs, concise, informative text discusses aetiology, course and treatment as well as diagnostic information relating to location, sex, age and race. Appendices provide flow charts, RX abbreviations, therapeutic protocols and a self-assessment quiz.
Rating: 5
This atlas has the advantage of having sections based on the appearance of the lesions, thus giving you an easy way to look at a group of lesions as you are narrowing down your diagnosis. Each named lesion has a heading for description, etiology, typical visual clues, the differential diagnosis, diagnostic steps, treatment recommendations, suggested follow-up, clincial significance, and other useful clinical information. The photographs are clear and very descriptive.
Overall, this is an excellent reference text and it has the advantage of being remarkably reasonably priced considering the rest of the available options. It is also more user friendly and better organized as well. The spiral binding makes it easy to keep the book open while using it, and there are tabbed reference pages for the start of each section; the sections are white lesions, red lesions, ulcerated lesions, blistering/sloughing lesions, pigmented lesions, papillary lesions, and soft tissue enlargements. I returned the atlas that was required for my dental hygiene oral pathology class, and bought this one instead since it is the superior choice.


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