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Dangerous Ground
Dangerous Ground
Date: 23 June 2011, 01:11

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Medically disqualified naval aviator "weasels" a lateral transfer to the sub fleet and meets a lot of resistance from the noncoms and officers who made subs a first choice rather than a fallback. In amongst all the technical aspects of this book--which serves to actually enhance interest--is a study in small group leadership, VERY similar to the canned scenarios that junior military officers study in their professional development schooling. It is good stuff if you aren't familiar with leadership dynamics in the services. This young officer works hard to catch a break with the crew, but also brings a very unique set of skills to the boat that will prove invaluable! The bigger story however is the covert mission this sub is on to retrieve data from just off the Russian coast. Made more difficult by the presence of two attractive female scientists, one of which, has overall mission responsibility (read: command authority). What they discover in the icy Russian waters is shocking and not what they expected and those wily Russians are willing to literally kill to protect the secret.
Great little undersea adventure with lots of character development thrown in for good measure!


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