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Digital Tutors - Maya Unlimited: Hair
Digital Tutors - Maya Unlimited: Hair
Date: 11 November 2010, 14:40

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Digital Tutors - Maya Unlimited: Hair
Digital Tutors - Maya Unlimited: Hair
English | FLV | 782x646 | VP6 1024Kbps | AAC 96Kbps | 534MB

Easily learn Maya Hair at your own pace with 2.5 hours of project-based training. Great for new and beginning users.
Popular highlights include: Paint Hair Tool; Modify Curve Tools; Constraint Systems; Collision Objects; Converting Curves
into Dynamic Curves; Paint FX; Scale Ramp Widgets; Hair Turbulence; MEL; Braiding and Curly Hair; mental ray; Applying Hair
to Polygon Surfaces.
Lesson Outline (26 lessons)
1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Using artisan to create hair follicles on the surface via the paint tool
3. Exploring the hair system components
4. Viewing the different positions of the hair system
5. Using the Modify Curve tools
6. Using constraint systems to modify hair
7. Using the collision objects to collide the hair system with other geometry
8. Converting selections and applying Paint FX to hair
9. Converting curves into dynamic curves
10. Caching hair systems
11. Exploring the hair system node
12. Using the scale ramp widgets
13. Exploring dynamic attributes to achieve realistic looks
14. Colluisions within the hair system
15. Hair turbulence
16. Exploring randomization tools to adjust the look of hair
17. Creating curly hair
18. Braiding hair and adding a bow to the braid
19. Adding a ribbon to the bow
20. Using MEL to change hair attributes
21. Using follicles as rivets
22. Rendering hair in mental ray
23. Adding hair to polygon surfaces
24. Using constraints and new hair system nodes to style the hair
25. Working with depth map shadows to render the hair system with self-shadowing
26. Using the Convert to Dynamic Curve option to drive the deformation of 'Buddy'
Digital Tutors Maya Unlimited Hair

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