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Effortless English Club Lessons for beginner
Effortless English Club Lessons for beginner
Date: 11 November 2010, 15:43

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Vol1- Effortless English Club Lessons for beginner | 1.6 Gb
I抦 A.J. Hoge, the creator of the Effortless English Teaching System and the Director of The Effortless English Club- the most complete English speaking system for adult learners. My audio lessons are best-sellers in over 25 countries.
Fifteen years ago, at my first teaching job, I had a student named Gladys. Gladys was wonderful. She was intelligent, friendly, and she worked hard. Every day she studied English textbooks for 4 hours! She tried to remember 50 new vocabulary words every day!
But, after 6 months of hard work, she still could not speak. Sadly, this was true for all of the student抯 in the class. I felt terrible. So I asked other teachers for help. But they had the same problem.. very few of their students improved either. That抯 when I realized something was wrong?something is wrong with normal English teaching methods.
I wanted to help all of the happy, friendly, intelligent, wonderful students like Gladys?and I decided I would find an answer. I would find a way to help my students speak English quickly, easily, and automatically. For many years, I studied books about English teaching. I constantly tried new methods in my classes. I read research studies.
Eventually, I got a Masters degree in Teaching English?and that抯 when I found incredible new methods. I was so excited! Immediately I began to use these new methods in my classes?and every day I worked hard to IMPROVE these methods.
After several more years of testing and improving, I finally found the answer! My students began to improve quickly. They learned to speak easily and automatically. And even better?they loved my classes and they were very very happy!
I was excited! I loved seeing my students improve. My classes were full of excited students! But then I had another problem?I could only help a few students in my class. Yet, I knew there were thousands, perhaps millions of students who needed my help. I knew that everywhere in the world, there were English students who wanted to speak English well.
Finally, I had an idea?I would record my lessons and offer them on the internet to English students everywhere! It took a long time, and a lot of work, but finally I finished a full pack of lessons?my Original Effortless English Lessons!
Now, I can help students everywhere in the world?and now I can help you. I抦 so grateful to be your teacher. I promise I will always do my best to help you speak excellent English.
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