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Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love
Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love
Date: 21 April 2011, 11:36

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Courage, restraint, forgiveness, generosity, tolerance, and fidelity--Stephanie Dowrick shows how these virtues can lead to a fuller, more satisfying life. When faced by a series of life-changing personal crises, psychotherapist Stephanie Dowrick remembered what she had learned early in her training: there are qualities--virtues--that shape life for the better and that can be called upon in times of need. She turned to the humane virtues and found insights into living a life that is true to the self and leads to commitment to others. Dowrick grounds her work in real lives and incidents, drawing on those times when people needed the strength of a virtue to move onward with their lives. Ranging widely in Eastern and Western philosophy and religion as well as psychology, she explores courage, fidelity, restraint, generosity, tolerance, and forgiveness and discusses what they can teach us about honor, endurance, steadfastness, humility, and, above all, love. She shows how to gain and enact these virtues to create a rewarding life. Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love will inspire people to enact the humane virtues in their daily lives.


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