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Introducing 3ds Max 2008
Introducing 3ds Max 2008
Date: 21 April 2011, 11:32

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Introducing 3ds Max 2008 breaks down the complexities of 3D modeling, texturing, animating, and visual effects. You'll jump right into the 3ds Max pipeline—from preproduction through postproduction—with clear-cut explanations, tutorials, and hands-on projects to build your skills. A special color insert includes real-world examples from talented 3ds Max beginners. From immediately creating your first animation to mastering poly modeling techniques and lighting final renders, you'll get a solid grounding in 3ds Max 2008. Build the knowledge you need for game, film, and TV production.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Basic Concepts.
Chapter 2: Your First 3ds Max Animation.
Chapter 3: The 3ds Max Interface.
Chapter 4: Modeling in 3ds Max: Part I.
Chapter 5: Modeling in 3ds Max: Part II.
Chapter 6: Character Poly Modeling.
Chapter 7: Materials and Mapping.
Chapter 8: Introduction to Animation.
Chapter 9: Character Studio and IK Animation.
Chapter 10: 3ds Max Lighting.
Chapter 11: 3ds Max Rendering.
Chapter 12: Particles and Dynamics.


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