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Lyzanxia - Locust (2010)
Lyzanxia - Locust (2010)
Date: 10 November 2010, 05:18

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Lyzanxia - Locust (2010)
MP3 CBR 320KBps | English | 47:33 Min | 110.45 MB | Fileserve, Filesonic
Melodic Thrash Metal | XIII Bis Records | Country: France | Released: May 31, 2010

French metallers LYZANXIA already released their fourth album, "Locust", on May 31 through XIII Bis Records (via Sony Music distribution). The CD was produced by David and Franck Potvin (ONE-WAY MIRROR, PHAZE I) at Déclanché Studio in Switzerland and Dome Studio in France and was mastered by Swedish master Björn Engelmann (RAMMSTEIN, MESHUGGAH, BEHEMOTH).
The cover artwork was designed by Alain Tréhard and can be viewed below. According to a press release, "The Potvin brothers have been working for many years with artist Tréhard and feel that he has captured the ominous essence of 'Locust' with a visual piece that superbly complements the intensity unleashed within as the band's signature thrash riff mastery promises to be at its deadliest yet!"
David Potvin - Guitars, Vocals (Phaze I, One-Way Mirror)
Eguil Voisin - Bass (Reverence (Fra))
Franck Potvin - Guitars, Vocals (Phaze I, One-Way Mirror)
Clement Decrock - Drums
01. Prime Thrill
02. Underlie
03. Separate World
04. Light Transition
05. Parasitic Growth
06. The Clamp
07. Mind Tracker
08. Hundred-Story Moth
09. Tommorow Died
10. Subhero Zero
11. Father Râ
No Mirrors Please!

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