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Red Circuit - Homeland (2009)
Red Circuit - Homeland (2009)
Date: 10 November 2010, 05:31

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Red Circuit - Homeland (2009)
MP3 CBR 320KBps | English | 46:23 Min | 103.02 MB | Fileserve, Filesonic
Melodic Progressive, Power Metal | LMP Records | Country: Germany (Wiesbaden, Hesse) | Released: August 28, 2009

Homeland is their second album, and like their first, it retains the distinct symphonic epic influences and progressive elements that defined that initial album. Where it differs from their earlier work is in its pronounced shift in overall musical focus towards a more riff-oriented song structure - what you end up with is a wonderful hybrid: a cross between between the expansive scope of symphonic metal (evinced here mainly by strings and choirs), the intricacy and eccentricity of progressive metal (multi-layered instrumentation, unexpected tempo/key changes, etc), and the more straightforward hard rock appeal of traditional melodic metal sub-genres.
The result is something that, like a great deal of music from Europe's so-called "Power Metal Revival[3]", tends to go over rather well with fans of 80s style hard rock/metal (or so anecdotal evidence gleaned from my daily life would suggest). Homeland is an album chock full of quality hooks and catchy choruses that simultaneously manages to be both approachable and, well, epic, for lack of a better word, and I couldn't be happier to have found it.
Chitral "Chity" Somapala - Vocals (Court Jester (Ger), Ivanhoe (Ger), Avalon (Ger), Domain (Ger), Firewind, Powerworld, Civilization One, Moonlight Agony, David Shankle Group, Final Chapter (Guest))
Christine Wolff - Vocals
Oliver Noerdlinger - Guitars
Tommy Schmitt - Bass
Markus Teske - Keyboard, Programming (Sheela, producer for Vanden Plas, Symphony X, Neal Morse, Ian Parry)
Frank Bodenheimer - Drums
01 Homeland
02 The World Forgotten Sons
03 Sun Of Utopia
04 Eyes Of A Child
05 Absinth
06 Fall In The Skies
07 Healing Waters
08 Canonize Your Sins
09 See The Light
10 You Can Sleep While You're Dead
No Mirrors Please!

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