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Rich Schefren - Guided Profit System (GPS) 2.0
Rich Schefren - Guided Profit System (GPS) 2.0
Date: 11 November 2010, 14:48

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Rich Schefren - Guided Profit System (GPS) 2.0

Sales Letter:
Rich Schefren has a $25 million a year internet business that he built from scratch in only 18 months.
Some of his clients include Google, Microsoft etc.
Guided Profit System (GPS) 2.0 is exactly how Rich built his business from scratch to $25 million a year business in only 18 months.
This is a GB of Rich Schefren - Guided Profit System (GPS) 2.0
This GB has been approved by Patriot subject to getting enough interest for the GB.
Here's part of the sales letter:
Rich Schefren - Guided Profit System
"Guided Profit System鈥?br /> The Complete Turn-By-Turn Business Success System Designed From The Ground Up To Assure Your Success Today... Tomorrow... Forever. The Up-To-The-Minute Action Plan
That's Been A Full Year In The Making..."
If you've followed me at all since 2006 when I first released 鈥淭he Internet Business Manifesto,鈥?you know I spent the last two and one-half years earning up to $25,000 per hour personally teaching, consulting with and training some of the most successful companies on the planet...
Legendary companies like Yahoo... Google... Microsoft... Motley Fool..., Agora, Boardroom and many other eight- and nine- figure giants you may or may not have heard of...
"Thank you for everything you have done for me"
"The impact and progress... is nothing short of spectacular. I have seen my income more then double in the past year.... and I've achieved 13 consecutive record breaking months in my position at Yahoo! I can't thank you enough"
-Darryl Peddle, Yahoo! Head of SEO-Americas
鈥淢aking Real... Sustainable Money Online Has Never Been This Simple... Quick... And Easy!鈥?br />
My GPS works like a guided missile that locks in on the constraints holding you back and blows them to smithereens!
No longer will you...
Struggle aimlessly through the muck of misinformation, wondering what to do next...
Lose sight of where you're headed the moment you get sidetracked, distracted or just plain confused...
Get stuck doing work in your business... or parts of a business that you hate. Now you truly enjoy what you do...
Working marathon hours inside your business 10... 14... 18 hours a day. It's now possible to work much less and earn much more...
Search for success in all the wrong places. GPS grabs your hand and pulls relentlessly toward your goal...
Hang any hopes on the latest skillset praying it will be the magic bullet for your success...
鈥淣ot Some Static Roadmap. G.P.S. Is
Designed To Hit A Moving target...鈥?br />
Sales price : $1397 plus S&H[/PHP]Download :
36 Giga Rich Schefren Guided Profit System GPS 2 0
HotFile Links available atm
Please wait for huyangel to get the Multiupload links within few hours
[NOTE]Donors, don't download from here, it's on the FTP, and u can surf what is inside it before downloading[/NOTE]

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